Auspicious Greh Parvesh dates – June 2018

There are specific auspicious dates for Greh Parvesh in each month. Greh Parvesh means new home entry or housewarming. The Greh Parvesh dates are calculated as per the Hindu calendar, lunar month, Panchang, Shuddhi, Vaastu, Nakshatra, auspicious weekday, ceremony timing, region aspects etc. Greh means home. Parvesh means entry. Greh Parvesh is also referred to Shubh Mahurut for home entry. Shubh Mahurut means the auspicious occasion.

Some of the purposes in observing the auspicious dates for Greh Parvesh are to keep the evil spirit out, enhance auspiciousness, advantageousness, that the new home turns lucky-fateful; that it brings happiness, career-professional development, harmony, peace of mind, security, family, good health, marriage bliss, parents, future wealth gain, empowering education-knowledge etc.

The auspicious dates of Greh Parvesh for the month of June 2018 are the 22nd, 25th, 29th and the 30th.

In Astrology, the 4th House is also the House of Property. It covers facets like property purchase, land, owning a home comfort-benefit, property inheritance, luxury etc. The placement-positioning of each celestial body and-or astrological aspect like Rahu-Ketu, has a specific significance. It can be benefic and malefic. For example, Jupiter in the 4th House brings strength and owing a solid foundation home. Venus in the planet brings beauty, aesthetics in the home. Venus is positive towards the desire of a home.

It is best to consult an Astrologer, Acharya or Priest etc for accuracy in the scope-opportunity-strength of owning a home in a native’s unique Janam Kundali, natal-birth chart.

If any of the celestial bodies or astrological aspects are weak in a native’s horoscope, Astrologers, Acharyas etc provide remedies, cures and Upays. This nullifies any disadvantageousness, weakness, challenge etc in a Janam Kundali towards home.

We wish all natives and our readers the pleasures of a happy home and prosperity.

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