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Pukhraj :- Any of the children in 16 to 21 years of age or father has to face monetary or health problems or anyone in the family is troubled with severe cold (sinus), any type of allergy,cough problem to the
children, besides problems of jaundice, typhoid, lungs and asthma, all these problems reflect unfavourable conditions of planet Jupiter.

Panna :- Negative planetary position of Mercury is considered to be biggest of all problems in life
and this bad planetary position does not allow an individual to succeed anywhere and in any aspect of life. There are parameters to know about bad planetary position of Mercury and if any of these conditions prevail upon you, you may think that your Mercury is in unfavourable position.

Lahsuriya :- If in your family, father does not get happiness from sons and brothers do not get happiness from brothers.  If your son is unable to do any work efficiently while in the family and when he lives away
from the family to work, he becomes a successful person. If you do have problems in waist, legs, urinary parts, disorder relating to bones and kidneys, you may presume that these are all bad planetary conditions of Ketu.

Munga :- If you are not on cordial terms with your brother, sister or neighbours and your mother has always
been unhappy about relationship of your brother and sister or if marriages in your family take place only after 24-25 years of age or  does not happen till middle age (32-35 years) or one brother has too many sons and another brother is deprived of male child.

Gomed :- If there is unnecessary wastage of money in your family and there is no peace and happiness in the family and most often there are bad dreams in the sleep and if you do your job honestly in life and suddenly
you are removed from the job by being leveled baseless allegations.  You are always frightened by the impending future.  In such conditions, you may presume that your planet Rahu is unfavourable.

Neelam :- People who have differences of opinion with their father and family members. Those
people who make such principles in life which make their own lives miserable and make others unhappy as well, who are very adamant in their behaviour and because of this they tend to worsen their conditions day by day.These are indications of bad planetary position of Saturn.

Jarkan :- People who have lack of physical stamina, who are, although, happy with pranks and humour, but get irritant at slightest provocation.  People who are lazy in taking bath, wearing clean clothes and going to
work. On the whole, people afflicted with bad planetary position of Venus, do pretend to be good apparently to hide their shortcomings and are never able to do anything which requires stamina and they do indulge in mischiefs and get defamed.

Manikya :- Upon birth of child whose planet Sun is in unfavourable position, health of the father
deteriorates, his behaviour and will power starts weakening or it is also possible that father or son may have too much physical pains.Parents seeking recommendation again and again for success of the children.  All these troubles are seen in them whose planet Sun is unfavourable.
Moti :- On your birth of birth of any child in the family, mother starts getting increased physical pains, there is disruption in family peace and happiness, there are serious discord or tensions starting off with small issues
or mother has trouble in waist, legs, eyes or uterus.Child starts getting one bad habit after another, besides mother remains unhappy about tensions in her maternal family. All these reflects unfavourable conditions of planet Moon.

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