Sun Transit – 14th of April 2018

Our solar system’s Sun will make a transit on the 14th of April 2018. The Sun moves into Aries on the 14th of April 2018. The Sun spends about 30 days in each of the 12 zodiac signs. The Sun will stay in Aries until the 15th of May 2018. The transit is from Pisces to Aries.

The Sun is the only star of our solar system. It is gigantic. It is about 14 lac km in diameter. That is approximately 870,000 miles. The size of Earth is 12,742 km in diameter. That is about 7,900 miles. The Sun is about 109 times in diameter to Earth.
There are thousands of Sun temples in India and Nepal. Many are ancient. Many are from the Vedic times.  There are a few in China (Buddhism), Mexico, Egypt etc. From the ancient Vedic times to modern day, Lord Surya is a prominent deity. Surya means the Sun. Sun is also a deity in other followings like Buddhism, in South America, Africa, Greek-Roman culture etc.

The 14th of April 2018 also marks the Solar New Year in India. Baisakhi, the New Year is celebrated among Sikhs. It is celebrated in many parts of India. Other regional names are like ‘Puram Vishu’ in Tamil Nadu, ‘Baisakh’ in Bihar, ‘Rangoli Bihu’ in Assam etc. 

The Sun has a significant role in astrology, astronomy, life on Earth etc. It is the main source of energy on Earth. It has its effect on the humans, physically and mentally.

The ‘Sun Sign’ represents a native’s core. It is his/her main personality. It represents the Self. The Sun has one of the greatest influences on humans. Then comes the Moon. ‘Moon Sign’ comes after the ‘Sun Sign’.

The presence of the Sun in a natal birth chart, sign or horoscope has different interpretation and results. It changes from time-to-time. This is due to movement of the celestial bodies. Numerous other aspects play a pivotal role, such as the degree, House, conjunction etc.

The Sun qualities are vibrant. It reflects dominating nature, authoritative, position, Government, power, strength etc. Each celestial body has its malefic aspects too. The negative side of the Sun is arrogance, jealousy, ego etc.

Sundays are named after the Sun. The Sun’s direction is the east. The color of Sun in astrology is orange. The friends of the Sun are Mars, Jupiter, and the Earth’s moon. Mercury is neutral with the Sun. Opponents are Saturn and Venus. The Sun gemstone is ruby.  

The Sun’s transit will mean differently. It depends on the status, conditions etc in the natal birth chart.

A Surya Mantra for general success and future is:
                        Om Aditya Vidmahe Martandaya Dheemhi
                        Tanay Surya Prachodyat

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