April 2018 Auspicious Marriage Dates, Happy Married Life

Indian or Hindu marriage dates are mostly set with reference to the Hindu lunar calendar. Marriage is endeavored as a once in a lifetime affair. Even in re-marriages, the stars are referenced. This is for auspiciousness. It is to bring favorability, longevity, sureness, confidence etc in marriage. Also to bring fate-luck in love, profession, job, business, wealth, health, child, parents, growth, prosperity, mental peace, harmony, balance etc.

In India, generally in all religions the holy Priests, Astrologers etc are consulted. This is to set an auspicious marriage date. Many determine the marriage success likelihood and couples’ compatibility beforehand.

Re-marriages can happen due to any reasons like spouse death, divorce, family issues, lack of trust, suicide, separation, extra marital affairs, lack of commitment, family interference, individual space, financial, child-birth, behavior-temperament, infidelity, communication gap, work demand, forced marriages, lifestyle disparity, social causes, status, sex, lack of intimacy or emotions, mental or physical  mismatch, respect, ego, culture, professional reasons like call-center/ night shifts and so forth. To mitigate such unforeseen happenings, Janam Kundali, Natal Birth Charts of the couples are matched. This is to mitigate any future discourse.

Like in many Western societies, the divorce rate is rising amongst the modern Indians; though Indians way far behind. It is still believed that mostly in the Indian middle class, divorce is a taboo. This is more in the rural areas. There are family pressures to make marriages work against all odds. Families encourage couples in giving time, especially in the initial critical years of marriage.

About 40+% of American couples divorce or live separately. Whereas in India, the overall average is much lower than 1% (through internet source). The US has same-sex marriage as well. In India it is illegal. It will be US’ Ms. Megan Markle’s 2nd marriage to the UK’s Prince Harry. The wedding is scheduled for the 19th of May 2018 in Windsor, the UK.

Astrology tells about the favorability, possibility and potentiality in the couples. It can tell about the merits and demerits. Predictions about success of a marriage can be determined. Nobody wants divorce, legal, tension, unluckiness in aspects like profession, child, parents, health, wealth etc. after the marriage.

The auspicious wedding dates and times are called Shubh Vivah Mahurut. Here, Shubh means auspicious. Vivah means wedding. Mahurut means date, time, moment. 

The Shubh Vivah Mahurut dates for April 2018 are the 18, 19, 20, 24, 25 27, 28, 29 and 30.

We wish everyone a happy, lucky, loving, everlasting, harmonious married life.

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