About Pandit GD Vashist ( Creator of Lal Kitab Amrit)

This site is about a different astrology which has scientific reasoning. Astroscience is based upon Lal kitab which was researched and studied by Pandit G.D.vashist jiLal Kitab is a book which describe about the sun and planetary motions impact on mankind on this earth and also gives the remedies to reduce the pain and sufferings. After the research Pandit G.D.Vashist ji decided to do something to help the mankind and then he invented Lalkitab Amrit™Lalkitab Amrit™ is a booklet based on the basics of lal kitab but only for individual. Lalkitab Amrit™ gives the full life horoscope of the individual based on his/her date of birth, time of the birth and place of birth. It tells you reason for your past failures and achievements. Lalkitab Amrit™ teaches you the way of living life. It narrates you the future achievements and failures.
The astroscience is a site of GD Vashist & Associates Pvt. Ltd It has been running since November 2006. The founder of this site is Pandit G.D .Vashist ji. The site was created to fulfill the dream of Pandit ji.
After the research of Lalkitab, Pandit ji just had a one dream to help the mankind by the remedies of Lal Kitab. And to reach all the people in the country he decided to make a website, which can reach by all the people in country and outside the country also. This website allows the user s to connect to G.D.Vashist ji.
Everyone has problems in their life and Pandit ji has solution to it but he cannot go individually and give remedies rather you can find remedies on the website www.stroscience.in. Astroscience website allows you to order your Lalkitab Amrit™ which will help you a lot in living your life. It tells you about upcoming problems in your life, gives reasons to that problem and remedies to reduce the pain due to that problem.
Pandit ji mission "BAS AB DUKH AUR NHI" can be achieved by www.astroscience.in. He has vision of painless and peaceful mankind.
There are so many websites of astrology and Lalkitab but no other site is at authenticated as ours.You can find astrology sites but our website offers the astrology and science together as our name depicts its meaning as well. Your horoscope will be making on the basis of your date of birth, time of birth and place of birth. Predictions are based on Lalkitab and all the remedies of Lalkitab are sensible and have motive and valid reasons of doing it.
Astroscience also offers the service of Matchmaking for marriages. Matchmaking in astroscience is quite different from others, it does not depend on the gun Milan rather it shows the whole life of individuals' together. What problems or good times they are going to spend together. It shows the future of two together then it depends on individuals to carry their life with each other or not. Lalkitab Amrit™ does not decide anyone's future on the basis of gun rather it gives much importance to the nature, behavior and success and failures of life. The predictions of Lalkitab Amrit are much more practical then Vedic or any other astrology.